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Pennsylvania State Association of the Prothonotaries and Clerks of Courts



Westmoreland Clerk of Courts Bryan Kline reappointed to state association board

Westmoreland County collects more than $100k in owed court fees through tax returns


 The Westmoreland County Clerk of Courts office this year collected more  than $100,800 under a new program that diverts state tax refunds from  criminal defendants who owe court costs, fees and restitution.  

Westmoreland hikes fees to remove some records from criminal court dockets



“It’s a big increase, but taxpayers should  not be funding the court system. People involved in the court system  should be funding it,” Kline said. 

Kline seeks third term as clerk of courts


 “During the last eight years, I have protected the rights of crime  victims, while fighting for the hard working taxpayers of Westmoreland  County. We continue to use the programs that I have developed to collect  court fees, fines, and restitution to ensure that the crime victims are  made financially whole again,” said Kline, 35, of Penn Township.  

Clean Slate law offers offenders a fresh start without public criminal record


Pennsylvania state court officials are preparing a massive initiative  that could pave the way for courts across the country to offer people  convicted of minor offenses a fresh start outside the shadow of their  past. 

Criminal defendants to pay fee


Clerk of Courts Bryan Kline said on Friday that an additional $11.50  will be assessed to defendants at the conclusion of their cases to pay  for administrative costs.